What is the difference between growing up in a nuclear family and a joint family?

January 13, 2023 – 06:41 am

I live in a joint family and I'm telling you, it's super fun. My friends who live in nuclear families envy my joint family. I've never regretted living in a joint family :’)

Scene 1:

You leave a large tub of melted delicious strawberry ice cream in the fridge, with dreams of enjoying it for at least a week. You go back after an hour to get a scoop…

Nuclear family :

You find a lot of ice cream left with only a little eaten by your sibling. You enjoy your ice cream for the rest of the week.

Joint family :

You find almost 95% of your ice cream eaten with only a little left for you. Your dreams of enjoying your ice cream for a week gets shattered.


Scene 2:

You decide to go on a family outing to an amusement park…

Your car is filled with your dad and mom in the front seats and you and your sibling(s) in the back seat. You enjoy a peaceful and spacious ride and reach there in comfort.

Your car is jam packed with your family members. With your parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt, cousins and siblings, it's tough to fit in an eight seater too. So you either adjust and sit on each other's Laps and reach your destination covered in sweat and chaos. Or either you go in different cars and miss out all the fun.

Scene 3:

You've been eying to go on a trip to a foreign continent but your parents refuse to budge…

You scheme and cajole your mom and dad to arrange for the trip. Your siblings also join in. But nothing works and so you go to bed, all sad.

Joint family :

You scheme and cajole your mom and dad to arrange for the trip. Your siblings also join in. But nothing works. You go to your grandparents and uncle and aunt and cousins and create a big scene and ask them to talk to your parents. They do so and convince your parents. You go to bed, all happy.

Scene 4:

Your parents go out, leaving you at home. You find the perfect opportunity to call your boyfriend…

Parents gone? Check. Snoopy sibling(s) is/are busy? Check. Doors closed? Check. And then you start talking to your love, feeling happy.

Parents gone? Check. Snoopy sibling(s) is/are busy? Check. Doors closed? Check. As you press the call button, your cousin bursts open the door out of nowhere and sits next to you and stays there for 1, 00, 000 years and ruins your happy time with your boyfriend. Sadness overloaded.

Sometimes your house gets silent, you feel lonely.

Your house can never get silent. The t.v in all 4 rooms and the living room are on with full volume, family members always chatting with one another and there's never a chance to feel lonely.

You deal with a less amount of people at home. You get familiar with their personality.

You deal with a large number of people and it amazes you to see each of their characteristics. You learn more.

There's a very little chance of a Cold War or problems between your family's adults as its rare between parents.

There's a huge chance of a Cold War or problems between your family's adults as most women have a tough time dealing with other women at home like your grandmother or aunt.

Decisions can be taken more independently.

Decisions can be taken only after consulting each and every adult of the family.

The same boring food of mom every day. No variety in cooking.

Different type of food each day. Each woman's style of cooking differs. Variety!

Family night - A small gathering.

Family night - A huge party.

Family photos are taken normally.

Family photos are taken in panorama as it's tough to fit in each and every member of the family!

Each type of family has its own pros and cons. There are indeed a lot of difference between a nuclear family and a joint family. According to me, being in a joint family is far more fun and amazing than being in a nuclear family though it has its own drawbacks.

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