Job Families - Aligning Jobs That Fit Together

February 2, 2023 – 11:47 am
Human Resources: Career Tracks

Job families are groupings of jobs related by common vocations/professions. Accordingly, they have many similarities. Jobs in a job family are similar in that they:

  • Require similar knowledge, skills and abilities (competencies).
  • Have a continuum of knowledge, skills and abilities that represent a career path from the lowest to the highest level job.
  • Possess associated and related key behaviors.
  • Have similar market competitive pay characteristics and conditions.

Why Job Families?

When determining the pay for a particular job, as it relates to all other jobs in an organization, there are differing ways to make that assessment. NU Values is a compensation philosophy that makes the organization of jobs into families a necessary step. In order to meet the University's compensation objectives- “increased flexibility of program operation, enhanced growth and advancement opportunities, and improved competitiveness with the labor market” -it is necessary to have a way to organize jobs. Arranging jobs into job families is a widely used process, and it is the best solution for accomplishing the University's compensation objectives. For example, when labor market pay pressures affect an organization's ability to attract and retain talented workers, grouping jobs into families makes it easier to see and respond to those pressures.

Administrative and Business Operations (AB, #24)

Manages, designs and/or supports sound administrative processes that support the attainment of fiscal and operational objectives and compliance with regulatory statutes.

Advising/Career/Student Services (AS, #25)

Provides guidance to students, faculty, staff, patients and alumni on academic, personal, or career issues.

Educational/Outreach Programs (EO, #26)

Develops content and/or presents educational materials and programs to a broad array of NU constituents.

Facilities Planning and Operations (FP, #27)

Plans, designs, manages or performs activities related to the maintenance, construction, repair or installation of facilities, grounds, infrastructure, equipment and/or vehicles.

Food Service/Dietary (FD, #28)

Provides services relating to food preparation and delivery and general nutrition information.

Healthcare (HC, #29)

Provides direct/indirect medical treatment, conducts clinical studies or performs medical support functions.

Information Technology (IT, #30)

Analyzes, develops or instructs information technology for faculty, staff, students or clients of the University. For example; programming, systems analysis, database development, and network administration.

Library Services (LS, #31)

Acquires, catalogs, provides access to recorded knowledge, as well as assists and instructs patrons on the usage of library materials and resource center facilities.

Materials Management/Print Production (MM, #32)

Procures, distributes and maintains inventories of materials and/or transports people. Prints and binds published materials.

Museum/Arts (MA, #33)

Manages or supports the acquisition, exhibition, preservation and/or presentation of art, cultural, historic or natural history objects.

Public Relations/Marketing/Development (PR, #34)

Increases awareness and promotes NU's image, projects and programs through all forms of media. Generates revenue, manages donor funds and creates marketing strategies. Writes, acquires and/or edits materials for publication.

Public Safety (PS, #35)

Manages or enforces campus security, adherence to laws and codes of conduct.

Research and Agriculture (RA, #36)

Manages, conducts or supports research in areas such as science, medicine, agriculture, natural history, sociology or business.

Sports and Recreation (SR, #37)

Develops programs and/or provides coaching or instruction to intercollegiate athletes or campus recreation participants.


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