November 12, 2023 – 02:03 pm
US Family Health Plan |

The US Family Health Plans treat TRICARE patients in six areas of the country, defined by zip codes.

Care is provided through large local civilian health care networks of primary care physicians, hospitals and affiliated specialists. Patients choose a primary care physician who provides and coordinates care and referrals to specialists and hospitals. The US Family Health Plans offer an outstanding program of healthcare and wellness management built on a foundation of leading edge healthcare techniques, wellness rather than disease management, an understanding of what it means to be a member of the military family, and unsurpassed commitment to our members.

The six US Family Health Plans and their service areas

  • Brighton Marine Health Center—serving Massachusetts, including Cape Cod, as well as Rhode Island and parts of Northern Connecticut;
  • Christus Health—serving Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana;
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine—Serving Maryland, Washington, DC, Delaware, and parts of Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania;
  • Martin’s Point Health Care—Serving Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and parts of New York state;
  • Pacific Medical Center—Serving the Puget Sound area of Washington state;
  • St. Vincent Catholic Medical Centers—Serving parts of New York (including New York City), all of New Jersey, Southeast Pennsylvania, and Western Connecticut.
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