Family planning

January 13, 2023 – 06:41 am

Health worker provides counselling on contraceptive methods to a couple, Papua New Guinea2 March 2017: Since 1991, there has been mixed evidence as to whether using hormonal contraceptive methods increases a woman’s risk of acquiring HIV. To answer this question the World Health Organization (WHO) has continuously monitored the available evidence. In 2016, WHO commissioned an update of a 2014 systematic review of evidence to include new studies.

The updated evidence was examined in December 2016 at a consultation that included a wide range of stakeholders including global representation from clinicians with expertise in contraception and HIV, as well as representatives from affected populations, researchers and academics, epidemiologists, programme managers, policy-makers and guideline methodologists.

14 December 2016 : This publication is one of WHO’s evidence-based guidance documents to support and strengthen national contraceptive/family planning programmes. It serves as a companion piece to Medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use (MEC) which focuses on who can use contraceptive methods safely, providing guidance on the safety of various contraceptive methods in the context of specific health conditions and characteristics. This new guideline, Selected practice recommendations for contraceptive use, looks more at how to use contraceptive methods safely and effectively.

15 December 2016 : The need to provide cost-effective contraceptive programmes that expand access, reduce unmet need, and consider the specific needs of the poor and marginalized population is central to the achievement of a number of the Sustainable Development Goals. Five WHO-commissioned systematic reviews, published as a special supplement of Studies in Family Planning, look at what is known and what lessons can be learned about financing mechanisms for contraceptive programmes.

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